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how i started photography

I started my photography hobby by being the only kid in school with a digital camera. Luckily my uncle was a gadget nerd and gifted me his old 1MP Sony DSC-S30 point-and-shoot and I was just in heaven. I started taking the camera everywhere with me, including clubs and parties and wherever. That led to a gig with a fledgling record label called Anjunabeats after a chance meeting in Vancouver, Canada. (I had upgraded my camera equipment by then!)

Many people may know me as the former event photographer and designer for Anjunabeats, a popular independent record label in London. Back in those days I took pictures of and for a bunch of the world’s top DJs, mostly for Above & Beyond, but also Armin van Buuren, Kyau & Albert, Paul van Dyk, Super8 & Tab, Ferry Corsten, etc. Occasionally the photos would make it into the likes of DJ Magazine, MixMag, and M8. I still do that from time to time, but not as often.

Here’s some helllllla old galleries:
Anjunabeats Night @ Turnmills [London]
Anjunabeats Night @ Godskitchen [Birmingham, UK]
Above & Beyond @ the Love Parade [San Francisco]
Above & Beyond @ Last Supper Club [Seattle]
Above & Beyond @ Turnmills [London]

There’s quite a few other galleries kicking around the internet and someday I’ll put some up here.

what i do now

I’m currently a full-time photographer for Forza Motorsport, a gaming franchise on XBOX and made by Turn 10 Studios. I travel around the world and take pictures of cars. Not a bad gig!

i’m also a web designer

I made my first website when I was 11. It was for a cartoon I liked. Hand-typed the HTML, made some graphics in Photoshop 3 and was so proud of my little Geocities masterpiece (RIP). Several years later I discovered that you can actually get paid to do that stuff and, well, there you go. Now I do mostly front-end design for web, mobile, tablets, and a little bit of print. For several years I was the senior designer at a small Seattle company that makes websites in the luxury real estate world, but now have focused on photography full-time.
portfolio link: here

fun facts

I was born and raised in the Seattle area and have a BA from the University of Washington (go Huskies). I’ve been known to travel quite a bit (see: the entirety of this website) and eat a lot. I have a fluffy wonderful cat. Ran the Honolulu Marathon. Been to three World Cups (Germany, Brazil, Canada). In my little bits of free time I try and play golf and go to Seattle Mariners games. I once won third place in a Spam Musubi-making contest. I’m not Japanese. There will be a test

If ya’ll need something, lemme know: mikorussell@gmail.com

Find me on Instagram, I update more often: @yo_miko


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  1. Hey,

    I just wanted to say that I came across your myspace page AGES ago like 5 years ago- I don’t even know how. I found your posts super funny and then it turned into a food blog which was also funny.
    Occasionally I would visit your site – I like your photos! I’m glad you’re updating it again, that’s all!


    3 Mar 12 at 6:24 pm


    its been a really long time miko but we met on asianavenue millions of years ago. i thought you were funny and browsing through your shit, you’re still funny. k.i.t. kiddo


    2 Jan 13 at 3:57 pm

  3. Beautiful photos and design!

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